Hawaiian Airlines SALE: Inter-Island Fares from $58

Hawaiian Airlines Serenades Sale

There’s never been a better time to visit Maui if you’re staying on a neighboring Hawaiian island, thanks to Hawaiian Airlines’ Serenades.

With fares starting from just $58 (one way) you can have your own island-hopping adventure without breaking the budget.

Sample Fares and Booking Conditions

Honolulu – Kahului, Maui $68
Honolulu – Kona, Hawaii Island $78
Honolulu – Molokai $58
Honolulu – Lanai $58

To take advantage of these fares you must make your bookings by August 18th, and travel between August 18th and September 30th.

See the Hawaiian Airlines website for more information and to book.

If you’re visiting Hawaii in the next few weeks and are still wondering whether you should make a trip to Maui, do it. You won’t regret it! Maui has been voted the #1 island in the world by readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine for the last 10 years running, and there’s a good reason for it!

There are so many fun things to see and do on Maui that you won’t be short of ideas for adventures. From the Bamboo Forests, to the great (family-friendly) beaches, to Zip lining through jungle canopy, or blasting down Mount Haleakala on a bike, or cruising with dolphins and of course, the award-winning Luaus … There is just so much to see and do!

Maui Redline Forbidden Coast & Molokini Raft Top Tips

Maui Redline Forbidden Coast & Molokini Raft Tour

Are you looking for a unique, thrilling, and intimate rafting adventure? Then the Maui Redline Forbidden Coast & Molokini raft tour is definitely for you! The tour is family-friendly, personal, and one of the best perfect snorkel and sightseeing packages around.

One of the nice things about this Maui tour is it departs from the Kihei boat ramp. This means it is a shorter distance to all snorkel destinations and more time in the water! After arrival and check-in at 6:30, you can grab a cup of coffee, and get sized for your wetsuit if you choose (included free of charge). By 7 o’clock, you are on your way to Molokini Crater!

The boat ride out to Molokini gives you beautiful views of not only the crater itself but also of Mount Haleakala and Maui’s neighboring islands Kahoolawe and Lanai. You’ll also be served hot cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit on the way.

Once anchored at Molokini, it’s time to get in the water and start exploring. Typically this early in the morning, there are not many other boats at Molokini so it feels like a private tour of this snorkel haven!

Once everyone has had their share of snorkeling and is back on the boat your guides will take you around the back side of Molokini Crater and presenting you with a great overview of the crater and its history.

Spinner Dolphins on the Maui Redline Raft tour

Spinner Dolphins are frequent visitors to Maui

Afterwards, you will head to La Perouse, which is home to the beautiful Hawaiian spinner dolphins. Often times they are “sleeping” while you are there, so they will be in large groups swimming in sync and can get within feet of the boat. If your group decides to snorkel there, you can get in the water; or, if decided, you can continue on to the last spot, where the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are abundant!

While in the water, your guides will set out lunch for you to enjoy, which is deli style sandwiches, pasta salad, and drinks. Once everyone has eaten and settled in, you will make the short trip back to the boat ramp in Kihei.

This tour is great for those who would like a small, intimate, and educational snorkel trip. Because the size is much smaller than other snorkel tours, you and the other passengers can dictate how long you’re at a spot and whether or not you want to stay at the second snorkel location or continue on to the third. The guides are great and are extremely helpful and welcoming, the food is tasty and homemade like, and of course the snorkeling and sightseeing is absolutely breathtaking!

Top Tips for the Redline Forbidden Coast & Molokini Raft Tour

Fun is the name of the game on the Redline raft!

Fun is the name of the game on the Redline raft!

Before you head out on this great adventure be sure to keep these tips in mind to help you make this trip that much better.

  1. Get plenty of sleep the night before! An early check in time and 5 hours of boating and snorkeling can make for a busy morning, so you’ll want all the rest you can get! You wouldn’t want to miss Nemo swimming around or spinner dolphins jumping out of the water.
  2. Bring a light jacket. The wind blowing through your hair on the way out to Molokini Crater won’t be as func if you’re chilly from the morning air! The boat has plenty of dry storage to keep your things safe and dry when you’re getting on and off the boat.
  3. Wear a wetsuit (they’re included in the trip). Wetsuits keep you warmer while you’re exploring the underwater world, and they’re completely free of charge. Additionally, the extra buoyancy they provide will leave you with less swimming to do, saving your energy.
  4. Bring a camera! Of course this should be a no-brainer, but there are so many things you will want to capture on camera to cherish in the years to come. Beautiful sights include: lava ash formations, whales, dolphins, Molokini Crater, Mount Haleakala, and neighboring islands Kahoolawe and Lanai.

The Redline Forbidden Coast & Molokini Raft is recommended for anyone and everyone: families, couples, friends, or even by yourself! It is a trip you will dream of doing again and again and again …