Staying Safe on Maui

The Maui Visitor’s Bureau have put together a really good video with key facts to help you stay safe during your visit to Maui.

Know Your Limits

One of the great blessings of being on Maui is experiencing all the fun of nature. We have wonderful beaches, great reef for snorkelling around, amazing rivers and waterfalls and spectacular walks (such as Bamboo Forest). Maui really does have it all.

But the great outdoors, though beautiful, is not tame. The weather conditions can change rapidly here. Big surf can catch many off guard. A walk by a river can turn dangerous when the heavens open and the rain falls.

(If you want to see just how fast a river can swell, check out this video at Hana).

These risks always exist, but with good planning and sensible decisions, many risks can be understood. Understanding a risk is the first step to staying safe. “Know your limits” is the well-employed mantra. Understanding your abilities, and knowing about the power of nature, will help you to stay safe and enjoy our island!

We hope you’ll take 5 minutes to watch this video from the Maui Visitor’s Bureau who highlight some of the potential dangers and what you can do to avoid getting hurt.