Private Beginner Kitesurfing Lesson

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This is the perfect lesson if you have never kitesurfed before and this will be your first chance to feel the raw power of a kite. You may enjoy a private, 1:1 student to teacher ratio, or bring a buddy and take advantage of a great deal on a semi-private lesson for 2! No matter your choice you'll be getting some of the most experienced professional instructors on the island, who take pride in teaching you to execute several skills which together will allow you to perform this extreme sport safely and with proficiency.


  • Choice of Private or Semi-Private Kiteboarding lessons
  • Join one of Maui's most experienced team of professional kitesurfing instructors
  • Perfect setting for those experiencing kitesurfing for the first time!
  • Kitesurf at one of Maui's world famous kitesurfing Beaches
  • Held at an uncrowded kitesurfing beach 
  • Water bottle, juices & snacks included with every lesson


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Days & Hours

7 days a week, 11:00 am & 2:00 pm

Duration: 3 hours

Location & Directions

Location: 111 Hana Hwy, Kahului, HI

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Activity Details
You'll get to learn the following kite surfing skills 
in order to perform this extreme sport safely and with proficiency:

  1. Fly A Trainer Kite - A great skill for first timers who have never attempted it, where your instructor will have you fly your kite for about 10 minutes before you fly a power kite. This is an important step because it makes flying a power kite safer, but it also makes you learn faster.
  2. Setup Your Kite-board Gear - This is an extremely important task as it can mean the difference between a happy kite session on the water or an unhappy one in the hospital. You'll get to spend quality time with your instructor as safety is PRIORITY #1! 
  3. Wind-Windows, Self-Rescue, & Other Kite-board Knowledge - Your instructor will over a few key scenarios, such as how to fly your kite, what to do if you're a mile offshore and you break a line, and other essential skills that will make your kite-boarding experience fun and safe. 
  4. Launch & Land A Power Kite - This is an essential skill! Your instructor will teach you how to launch and land a power kite. Here you'll learn hand signals, knowing where to position yourself if you're the kite flyer or kite catcher, and when to let go or catch the kite. 
  5. Fly An Inflatable Power Kite With Assistance - You will fly the inflatable power kite with the assistance of your instructor on the beach. You will be shown where to safely position your kite in the air, but he or she will be able to fine tune your kite flying before you head on the water. 
  6. Fly The Kite Solo On The Beach- Once you've mastered flying the kite assisted, you're instructor will let you fly the kite by yourself with your instructor holding on the back of your harness. Holding on the back of your harness will ensure safety at all times while learning.
  7. Body Drag - This will be your first chance to feel the raw power of the kite. Your instructor will provide specific constant feedback because we are in the water with you. You will experience this by body dragging in the water well away from land and other obstacles. Your instructor will show you how to position your body in the water, so you can progress to dragging upwind.
  8. Solo Body Drag Upwind- After you feel comfortable body dragging with your instructor, you will have the chance to drag without him. You will be provided with a waterproof walkie talkie, so we will always be a click away for your safety and progression as a kite-boarder. Being able to body drag upwind is a critical step to be able to effectively and efficiently manage your board with the kite.
  9. Board Drags - You will get the board, but you will learn to drag with it first. Your instructor will be on the back of your harness for the first body drags with the board. Once you feel comfortable, you may body drag with your board without your instructor but only when we have you connected with our waterproof walkie talkies. When you can stay upwind with the board, this is when its time to progress to water starts.
  10. Water Starts and Board Riding- You're instructor will drag out in the water with you when you're doing your first water starts. He or she will provide you with specific feedback to get you up and riding safely and efficiently. And once you can comfortably water start, we will take you on a 1 mile downwind run. This is the best and most efficient way to learn to effectively ride your board since you'll have anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes of board riding. We will be right alongside you on the 1 mile downwind run because we're paddling a longboard surfboard. If you need any assistance while kiting on this downwinder, we will be right in the water with you! 

Additional Information
 Maui Kite Beach Rules and Regulations

  • All kitesurfing participants must be responsible for seeing and avoiding aircraft.
  • No kiteboarding in the 2 nautical mile long by one nautical mile wide corridor. The corridor's length starts at the end of the OGG airport runway. Please refer to the Map you'll receive at check-in
  • All kiteboarders shall be responsible for seeing and avoiding non-participants
  • The rope or attaching cables must not exceed 125 feet in length and no kite shall be operated more than 125 feet above sea level.
  • Kiteboarding is allowed every day of the week from 11:00am until sunset.

Location: Meet at Maui Kitesurfing School, located at 111 Hana Hwy, Suite 108, Kahului

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