Horseback Rides

Do you love horses or just would like to get a feel for riding?  How about a Maui Horseback Ride? You will find Maui offers a variety of rides which are sure to be an experience you'll never forget!  Whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, who wants to ride along the shoreline, beautiful waterfalls or at sunset, Maui has the horseback ride for you! 


"I was the most experienced rider out of the visitors, my son had never ridden before, and they accommodated us perfectly, providing horses well-suited to each person's riding abilities, stopping to ta... "

Michael BaldwinMay 1 2012
reviewed Maui Aloha Horseback Ride
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$110.00 Maui Aloha Horseback Ride

Maui Aloha Horseback Ride

A unique horseback adventure on Maui where you'll get incredible views riding over hills and along the cliff-side.

Duration Location All participants (no lunch) All participants (with lunch)
1.5 hours Mendes Ranch & Trail Rides Our Price $110.00
Regular Price $130.00
Our Price $140.00
Regular Price $150.00
$110.00 Pony Express Haleakala Ranch Ride

Pony Express Haleakala Ranch Ride

Experience a one-of-a-kind horseback ride high above Maui and enjoy breathtaking views of our beautiful island paradise!

Duration Location Paniolo Ride - All pax Mauka Ride - All pax
1.5 - 2 hours Haleakala Ranch, Kula, HI Our Price $110.00
Regular Price $125.00
Our Price $95.00