"My buddy and I booked Start Me Up for an 8 hour trip and came back with a Marlin and a Mahi Mahi. They fileted it for us right there to take back to the condo. Had a great time and will do it again! G... "

Jason MattsonFebruary 10 2013
reviewed Lahaina Sportfishing
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$154.00 Maalaea Sport & Bottom Fishing Combos

Maalaea Sport & Bottom Fishing Combos

What a thrill to fish on Maui! Spend a beautiful day on the water taking in the bounty of the Pacific Ocean.

Duration Location 4-Hr Angler (All Ages) 4-Hr Rider/Share Pole
4 & 6 hours tours Maalaea Harbor, Wailuku, HI Our Price $154.00
Our Price $77.00
$129.00 Lahaina Sportfishing

Lahaina Sportfishing

Experience the thrill of fishing the Maui waters for big game fish. Can beat the feeling!

Duration Location 2 hour share 4 hour share
2, 4, 6 or 8 hours Lahaina Harbor, Lahaina HI Slip #36 Our Price $129.00
Our Price $169.00
$25.00 Gift Certificates for Ocean Activities

Gift Certificates for Ocean Activities

Looking to purchase a special gift for a loved one coming to Maui? Get them a MauiActivities.Com Gift Certificate!

Duration Location $25 cert $50 cert
Our Price $25.00
Our Price $50.00