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Maui Activities Frequently Asked Questions's (FAQs)



Your purchase is 100% refundable provided you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior to its check-in time, unless your activity requires a longer cancellation notice, in which case the exception will be shown on your Activity Voucher and/or your concierge will inform you when you place your reservation over the phone (groups and a couple of airplane tours require 72 hours to 7 days). Certain exceptions can be made by the Activity Providers, in case of illness (doctor's note required) or other serious matters. Your Ohana Fun - MauiActivities.Com concierge will do everything in his/her power to get you a refund approval. Please remember that once you are within 48 hours from the start time of your tour, you may not cancel or reschedule it for any reason other than a verifiable medical emergency. In the event an Activity Provider cancels your tour due to any reason (weather, mechanical, etc.) your purchase will be 100% refundable. There are NO REFUNDS on no-shows. IMPORTANT: YOU MUST CALL OUR CONCIERGE DESK IN ORDER TO MAKE ANY CANCELLATIONS. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS MADE VIA EMAIL, FAX OR VOICEMAIL.

QHow do I know my tour is confirmed? Is your calendar availability current?

Once we receive your order our concierges will process it by calling the activity provider(s) in order to confirm your reservation. Our calendars do not show "live" or "real time" availability, therefore there's a small chance your tour could be sold out for the date you ordered it for. In such cases you will receive a call from our concierges with alternate dates for your tour of choice or we'll offer other tours available on your preferred date. In the event you do not agree with any other options, we'll VOID the hold placed on your credit card at the time of your order, so you'll not even see a charge going through on your credit card. We try very hard to keep our calendar availability as current as possible, however changes happen on a regular basis. If you're trying to book a tour within less than a week, especially if travelling during peak seasons, we recommend calling us at 808-214-1013 to be sure your activity is available.

QHow do I receive my tickets?

Your tickets will be emailed to you as soon as our Concierges can confirm your seats with the Activity Provider. You will probably receive also a call from one of our Concierges in order to confirm you received your voucher(s), know how to get to your tour(s) and answer any questions you might have.

QWhy do you ask for information such as my hotel, arrival & departure dates or cellphone number?

The reason we ask for your hotel information is so we know how best to give you directions to your tours. By having your arrival and departure dates, we can also catch possible errors on your order as well as in the event a tour you ordered is not available, we'll be able to look at other dates during your stay before contacting you with that information. Since we hope you'll be outdoors exploring the islands instead of sitting in your room, having your cellphone number will help us contact you in case of any last minute changes to your tour. We strive to make your Hawaii vacation and activity experience the most enjoyable.

QI'm already in Hawaii or traveling and cannot print tickets. Is that a problem?

No problem at all! If you're unable to print your voucher(s) please let us know and we'll send it to the vendor(s) on your behalf. Over 30% of our customers are already in Hawaii and we want to make sure your activity purchase experience is the most pleasurable and hassle free. You'll still receive copies of your voucher and credit card receipt, along with directions to your tour.

QAre your discounts associated with any promotions or Timeshare Sales Presentations?

Absolutely NOT! All prices shown on our site are direct discounts and are in no way, shape or form associated with any sales presentations. Although timeshare sales presentations are offered by most other Activity Companies websites, we at MauiActivities.Com are not affiliated with any of them. We believe you're coming to Hawaii to enjoy fun and relaxation, and being in a sales presentation for a good part of your day would not fit that criteria.

QHow do I get directions to the tours I book with you?

Everything will be done via email All vital information, such as pick up or meeting locations and times will be shown on your attached voucher(s). You will also find other important information on the body of the email, such as a link to GoogleMaps with the map/location of your destination. For directions, click on the link, then directions and add your hotel/condo or address for turn-by-turn directions. Those enjoying multiple activities will also receive an itinerary to help you have your tour dates/times at a glance. They will both be emailed to you for your review. We strive to give our customers the best possible service and we want to make sure you make it to all of your events hassle free. Our goal is to have a chance to speak to you and go over each of your planned events, answer any questions you might have and offer you our "local" suggestions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We can be reached at 808-214-1013

QIs there a charge for your services? How does your website work?

MauiActivities.Com is owned by Ohana Fun! Hawaii, a registered Trade Name of Rise! Enterprise, L.L.C., a registered Activity Desk in the State of Hawaii. We work just like a travel agency. We collect your payment and in turn pay our Vendors while keeping a small percentage of the purchase price as our commission. We offer our customers the best possible prices, which we have negotiated with over 100 Activity Providers Statewide, along with free expert services of our concierges who are Maui residents, and know the ins and outs of our beautiful Island. Our desire is to make your vacation the most memorable. We love what we do! You'll notice we offer discounts on several tours; those tours we are unable to discount will NEVER cost you more than the retail rate offered by the Activity Provider, guaranteed.

QWhy should I plan my activities before I arrive?

Just as we hope you are not planning on waiting until after you arrive in Hawaii to make your hotel reservations, our hope is that you will reserve your tours and activities in advance. Your time in Hawaii is so valuable so you should give yourself the freedom to relax and enjoy every minute of it from the time you land. The last thing you want is to spend precious hours looking for activities that might still be available on days that are just not the most convenient. Our most popular activities and adventures are usually sold out several days to several weeks in advance. Many people find that when they arrive in Hawaii their most desired activities are no longer available, which can be devastating. Our expert service allows you to avoid the lines and headaches associated with trying to plan your vacation after you've arrived. We will help you with every aspect of your holidays, so give us a call and let's start planning a vacation of a life time!

QI just want to make a reservation. Can I pay when I arrive for the event?

You may hold a reservation by calling our Reservations line at 1-808-214-1013. We will require a credit card number in order to hold the reservation. You are responsible to call us in the event of a cancellation or rescheduling at least 48 hours prior to your activity time. Purchasing your tickets on line will guarantee you the special rates offered, while a hold will only guarantee your seat, however in the event of a rate change, the rate shown on your reservation will no longer apply.

QWhat are MauiActivities hours of operation?

Our live concierges are available daily from 7 am to 7 pm HST. Please give us a call; we would love to hear from you! You can call us at 1-808-214-1013. If we are helping another customer we may have to return your call, so please leave a message. You may also email agent@mauiactivities.com and one of our concierges will contact you shortly after.

QHow do I get to an activity? Do you pick me up? Should I get a rental car?

Transportation is not included unless stated on your ticket, along with the pick up time and location. You are responsible to arrive at your activity at the scheduled check in time, regardless of how you choose to get there. Public transportation is not one of Hawaii's strongest assets, to put it mildly, so you might want to have your transportation plans in order when scheduling your tours. Just as a reference, a 20 minute taxi fare (round trip) will probably cost you as much as a 2-day car rental, so we highly recommend a rental car for your entire stay on Maui. MauiActivities.Com has negotiated discounts with major Hawaii car rental desks, so please let us know if we can help you with car rental reservations or referrals. Our concierges are available daily at 808-214-1013

QI have special needs/requests. What should I do?

Call us at 808-214-1013. Our staff of concierges is eager to receive your call and help you with any special needs or events you might have while in Hawaii. If we don't have the answer right then and there, we will go find it for you! We live on Maui and we love our home. We will give you all the insider's tips" you may need in order to assure you the best Hawaiian holiday ever! Celebrating a special occasion? Please let us know! You can call us or add the information to the comment field in your order. We'll follow up with you should we have any questions.

QWill you share my email address or any other personal information with others?

No. MauiActivities.Com will not share your information with anyone. Just like you, we do not care to receive unsolicited mail or email. Once on our database, you may receive a newsletter from us which will bring you up to date on specials and other fun and exciting tours available for your next Maui vacation. Once you receive it, and you decide you do not want to get our newsletters anymore, all you'll have to do is to click on "unsubscribe" and we won't bug you anymore.

QDo you offer discounts for children, senior citizens, travel club members, multiple bookings, etc?

We have worked with our Vendors in order to offer the best rates possible. All children prices are listed on the information page of each tour. Children prices for the most part are less than adult prices. Senior discounts are also available on specific activities. Many times throughout the year we have specials with FREE CHILDREN. Please ask one of your concierges for more details by clicking on the chat or calling us at 808-214-1013.

QDo I have to pay sales tax?

Yes. The State of Hawaii charges 4.167% to all services & products. In addition to the Hawaii G.E. Tax, there are other fees which may be added to the rate of your tour, such as Harbor Tax, Fuel Surcharges or other fees. The total cost will be clearly shown in your cart, prior to you entering any payment information.

QWhat time is it in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not have day light saving time. We are 6 hours behind the East Coast in the summer, and 5 hours behind in the winter. We are 3 hours behind the West Coast in the summer, and 2 hours behind in the winter.

QWhat's the best time to enjoy a helicopter or airplane tour?

Early morning or late afternoon flights usually offer the sightseers some of the best results for their pictures or video, since the brightness of the sun is not so intense, allowing for some vivid colors. Maui usually has a natural "air conditioner" called our Tradewinds, which usually arrive during the early afternoon hours and usually are gone before sunset. Those times may cause a bit more "excitement" on your flight. The weather in Hawaii is very unpredictable, which makes it even more exciting, as a little rain makes some of the most beautiful rainbows! No matter what time of the day you choose to fly, we can pretty much bet on the fact your helicopter flight will be one of the most memorable events of your Hawaiian holidays.

QWhat's up with some of these fuel surcharges on some of the helicopter and boat tours?

Every single person in the country has been affected by the increased cost of fuel, and that's no different for us here in Hawaii. Our helicopter, boat, van and just about every tour operator has experienced a huge increase in fuel costs, and just like the airlines, they also need to pass some of that cost on to the consumer in order to maintain operations. You will notice that at the time of your check-out the exact amount required by our Activity Provider as a fuel surcharge will be added to the activity cost and sales taxes. When applicable these additional amounts are 100% payable to the Vendors, which means non-commissions are paid to MauiActivites.Com.