Dolphin Adventures

You can see Bottlenose, Spinner, Spotted and the Rough-toothe dolphins, year-round, in the waters that surround Maui. Bottlenose are the largest of the four species and they travel in smaller pods. Spotted and Rough-toothe dolphins are seen less frequently but can still be found. And Lanai’s resident pod of 200 Spinner dolphins is another sight all together! These smaller dolphins are known for leaping into the air and spinning nose-to-tail before falling back into the water. Dolphins are seen regularly in these waters but joining one of these dolphin tours increases your chances of encountering Maui's dolphin population. 



"Hello Alvaro, I just wanted to thank you for reccomending the Redline Charter raft trip for our family. I am so glad we went out on Friday for our trip since the water was so calm and we saw everythi... "

Lorraine GNovember 23 2012
reviewed Redline Forbidden Coast & Molokini Raft
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$138.00 Sea Maui Snorkeling from Kaanapali

Sea Maui Snorkeling from Kaanapali

Pick your favorite tour and get ready for a top notch Maui snorkeling adventure with Sea Maui Charters

Duration Location Lanai Adult (5-Hour Cruise) Lanai Youth (5-Hour Cruise)
Between 2 and 5 hours (depending on tour) Whaler's Village, Lahaina, HI 96761 Our Price $138.00
Our Price $118.00
$81.95 Lanai Dolphin & Snorkeling Cruise

Lanai Dolphin & Snorkeling Cruise

Discover Hawaii's dolphins, learn all about Hawaii's marine life, snorkel off the coast of Lanai, and have lots of fun, too!

Duration Location Adult FREE child 12 & under
5 hours 612 Front St # A Lahaina, HI 96761 Our Price $81.95
Regular Price $105.00
Our Price $0.00
$134.95 Extreme Dolphin Raft Adventure

Extreme Dolphin Raft Adventure

The Ocean Riders Extreme Dolphin Raft Adventure in possibly the most exciting snorkel tour from Maui!

Duration Location Adult Child or Kama'aina w/ HI License/ID
8 hours Mala Wharf Lahaina, HI 96767 Our Price $134.95
Regular Price $149.00
Our Price $119.95
Regular Price $129.00
$64.95 Kaulana Snorkel Lanai Adventure

Kaulana Snorkel Lanai Adventure

Enjoy a fun filled snorkeling adventure to Lanai aboard the Kaulana! It's the perfect ocean activity for the entire family!!

Duration Location Adult (Reg $99.95) Child 4-12 (Reg $59.95)
4.5 - 5 hours Lahaina Harbor, Lahaina Our Price $64.95
Regular Price $99.95
Our Price $39.95
Regular Price $59.95
$124.95 Ultimate Rafting  Lanai Snorkel

Ultimate Rafting Lanai Snorkel

Join Ultimate Rafting for an incredible full or half day snorkeling tour to Lanai

Duration Location Full Day Adult (Reg $139) Half Day Adult 5/1-11/30 ONLY (Reg $99)
4.5 to 6.5 hours Lahaina Harbor slip 17, Lahaina HI 96761 Our Price $124.95
Regular Price $139.00
Our Price $92.95
Regular Price $99.00
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