Pricing & Cancellation Policy

Pricing and Payment Handling offers the lowest possible prices on all of our Hawaii Activities. Once on an activity page, you will notice our special rate in LARGE-BOLD print and whenever applicable, you will see the "regular price" shown directly above. The price shown in BOLD is our AlohaActivities.Com special rate before any applicable taxes or fees are added.  The total price per item (adult, child, etc.) will appear once you select your desired date, number of participants and click on the BOOK NOW button.  Once in the shopping cart you  will have the opportunity to review the total rate before proceeding to the check-out and adding your payment information.

Some of the most common taxes and fees are: Hawaii G.E. Tax (4.166% for example... it varies from island to island), Hawaii Boat Harbor Tax (3%), Fuel Surcharge (Varies) and a handling fee (3%). Please note all check payments must be in U.S. currency. Non-Refundable tours cannot be purchased by check, as payment must be processed at the time of the booking. We will need a valid credit card number, security code and billing address at the time of booking, in order to hold a reservation which will be paid by check. Your credit card information may be used in case we do not receive, cannot cash your check or if you do not cancel your reservation within the cancellation policy.  All refund and cancellation policies will apply.

Your credit card payment, once processed by us, guarantees your rate.  Phone reservations will be confirmed and processed at the time of the booking, while online orders will be on hold and will not be processed until your activities are confirmed as ordered.  Once confirmation is made we will capture the hold on your card which will then be processed by your credit card agency.

Reservations made over the phone which are not paid in full at the time of booking will require a credit card in order to be guaranteed.  We will need a valid credit card number and all other information, such as cardholder's name, Security Code and billing address.  We will not charge your credit card until we receive your authorization to do so.  A hold on your card does not guarantee your rate. Please be aware of the possibility of a rate increase between the time of your reservation and the time of your payment.  All refund and cancellation policies will apply. Please be advised all calls are recorded for quality assurance and traning of our agents.

MauiActivities.Com offers additional discounts on select Hawaii tours for customers making multiple bookings.  Those additional discounts are specific and can only be applied to those activities. If you have not yet found those tours in Hawaii offering additional savings, please call our office at 808-214-1013.  Our agents are available daily.


Activities canceled or rescheduled by you
Your Hawaii activity purchase is 100% refundable or changeable, in most cases, provided you cancel or reschedule your reservation at least 48 hours prior to its check-in time. Please note some activities require a 72-hour notice, while tours packaged in conjunction with airline transportation are non-refundable, non-transferrable or changeable from the time the reservation is made with the Activity Provider. Exceptions to 48-hour cancellation and rescheduling policy will be clearly noted on our website tour description and on your Activity Voucher. If you make your reservation over the phone our concierges are required to inform you of the specific cancellation and rescheduling policy for your tour(s) before processing your order. Please be advised all calls are recorded for quality assurance and traning of our agents.
Here are some very important items to consider before placing your order(s): 
1. No-Shows are non-refundable. If you know you will not be able to arrive at your tour on time you must contact us at 808-214-1013 before your scheduled check-in time.  
2. Tours canceled less than 48 hours prior to check-in time are non-refundable
3. Tours rescheduled less than 48 hours prior to check-in time, when approved by activity providers are automatically considered non-refundable, even if the new activity date is more than 48 hours from the time of the new date & time. 
4. Tours booked less than 48 hours prior to its start time are automatically non-refundable and cannot be changed to a different day/time. 
How to report a cancellation**:
1. You must call our office at 808-214-1013 in order to cancel your tour(s), even if you made your reservation(s) online.  Our concierges are available daily, except on these specific holidays: Thanksgiving & Christmas Days 
2. If your activity start time is before 7 AM, your deadline to call in your cancellation for that tour will be at 7 PM, three (3) days prior to your tour, as our concierges will not be available before 7 AM, two (2) days prior to your tour.
**Please be advised all calls are recorded for quality assurance and traning of our agents.
EXCEPTIONS to the above rules***: 
1. Verifiable Medical Emergencies - Tour providers may authorize a refund in the event of a verifiable medical emergency.  In such case a doctor's note issued by a local Maui doctor will be required.  Please note the exception will be considered only for the injured or sick participant, unless dealing with a minor who may need an adult supervision.  In such cases a exception to this rule may also be granted for the child's care giver. This does not in any way imply all other participants will be given a refund, should the entire party decide not to attend the event.
2. Road Closures - Tour Providers generally authorize a refund if you are unable to arrive at your activity due to a verifiable road closure (accidents, fires, etc).  Please contact our office as soon as you realize you will not arrive in time, no matter the reason, by calling us at 808-214-1013. 
*** All exceptions will be considered in a case-by-case basis by the Activity Provider.  AlohaActivities.Com will relay your circumstances to the Activity Provider and will make every attempt to get a refund approval, however the final decision is not ours, but the Activity Provider's, and we are bound by our Vendor Agreement to comply with their decision.
Activities canceled OR changed by the Activity Providers
Full Refund - You will receive 100% of the purchase price for every Hawaii activity canceled by a Tour Provider, prior to its start, for any reason (weather, mechanical, etc.).
Partial Refund - A Tour Provider may authorize a partial refund for tours which features were changed or cut short due to weather, mechanical or other circumstances beyond the Activity Provider's control. The actual refund amount, if applicable,  will be determined by the Activity Provider and not by MauiActivities.Com. We are bound, by our Vendor Agreement, to comply with the Activity Provider's total refund amount.  
No Refund - Tour providers reserve the right to make changes to certain aspects and features of their tours for reasons beyond their control, such as weather, road condition, etc. This will ensure participants will enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience. In such cases NO REFUNDS will be offered.

All refunds will be issued by Maui Activities.

We make every attempt to process all refunds as soon as we become aware of the tour cancellation or receive vendor authorization.  

We recommend you to call us at 808-214-1013 to report the cancellation of your tour by your Activity Provider. This will assure you we are aware of the cancellation and will be processing your refund as soon as possible.

All prices, descriptions, departure times, departure locations and all other information on this website are subject to change at any time without prior notice.