Private Kitesurfing Lessons Intermediate or Advanced

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What a great way to add something you love to your Maui vacation! You'll get to have a great time as you kite surf Maui's famous kiteboarding beaches with a professional kitesurfing instructor. Choose your own private intermediate or advanced lesson or bring a buddy and get a great deal for 2! You will be impressed by the caliber of your instructor and how much better you'll get at this awesome extreme sport!


  • You'll leave a better kiteboarder, GUARANTEED!!
  • Private or Semi Private intermediate class
  • Improve your skills and leave Maui a better kiteboarder
  • Kitesurf Maui's best kitesurfing beaches 
  • Highly trained professional instructors


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Days & Hours

7 days a week
Season:  Year around
11:00 am or 2:00 pm

Duration: 3 hours

Location & Directions

Location: 111 Hana Hwy, 108 Kahului, HI

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Activity Details
The following are the necessary skills in order to participate in an intermediate lesson:

  • Body dragging upwind
  • Dragging with the board
  • Launching and landing the kite

Here are few problems many of the intermediate students experience:

1. Kiteboarding Upwind- Kiteboarding upwind is probably one of the hardest obstacles for beginning kiteboarders, usually because beginners have not received the proper kite techniques, kite skills, board skills, or your did not have the ideal gear for their  current conditions.

2. Transitioning Back & Forth – You will learn how to master this basic skill, as you’ll get to practice how to correctly position your kite and board in the right spot while making your turns.

3. Jumping- This part of the lesson will show you the basic principals on how to jump and while doing it safely. Your instructor will demonstrate first, since he or she will be either a kitesurfing professional or an expert kiteboard instructor.

Please let your instructor know about any other kiteboarding needs that you may have.  They will be more than happy to assist you mastering all necessary skills.

All of the above skills are required.

Maui Kitesurfing School is proud to be the best kiteboard school on Maui offering true advanced lessons. This is possible because their instructors are professional kiteboarders. So if there's anything you would like to know, these are the guys to ask. 

1. Kite Secluded Spots - You will get to enjoy spots where there are few if no kiteboarders at all! If you're going to kite, it might as well be in a place where no one is at. Your instructor will make every effort to get you kiting at some real secluded kiting locations. They are so secret you won't know about it until it's time to head out! 

2. Long Down Winders - Pending on the current conditions, you'll get to kite on down winders in excess of 8 miles! The best and most scenic down winders are held on the island of Maui, so if you want the 8 mile down you are in the right place!

3. Add Style To Your Riding - Your instructor can adapt to any style of riding you would like to learn. Get ready to learn anything from wakestyle handle-passes through big wave riding skills!

4. Jump Higher - You'll also get to learn how to get the most lift out of your jump. It will be easy to do, as your instructor will be kiting right beside you. You will be able to immitate every little motion done and ace this skill! Watching your instructor in action is one of the best ways to progress because these guys are true professionals!

5. Ride Big Waves - Provide you come to Maui during the winter season, you might be able to get some big wave riding in. The prime time for big wave riding is from September - April. 
Additional Information
Maui Kite Beach Rules and Regulations
  • All kitesurfing participants must be responsible for seeing and avoiding aircraft.
  • No kiteboarding in the 2 nautical mile long by one nautical mile wide corridor. The corridor's length starts at the end of the OGG airport runway. Please refer to the Map you'll receive at check-in
  • All kiteboarders shall be responsible for seeing and avoiding non-participants
  • The rope or attaching cables must not exceed 125 feet in length and no kite shall be operated more than 125 feet above sea level.
  • Kiteboarding is allowed every day of the week from 11:00am until sunset.
Location: Meet at Maui Kitesurfing School, located at 111 Hana Hwy, Suite 108, Kahului

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