UFO Parasailing Kaanapali Beach

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Enjoy a fun and thrilling adventure as you fly over the Pacific Ocean at up to 1,200 feet up in the air! UFO parasailing has been flying  our Maui waters for over 20 years and has the newest and sleekest fleet of speedboats that will take you to your parasailing adventure fast and in style!

The entire tour including your boat ride and flight will last approximately 60 minutes. Departures are available hourly from the convenience of Kaanapali Beach, in front of the Whaler's Village Shops. You can enjoy a nice time on this famous Maui beach before or after your flight, so come prepared for a Kaanapali day you will never forget!


  • Approximately 60 minutes of fun in the sun (includes boat ride and flight)
  • Fly single, Tandem or Triple
  • Fly 800 or 1,200 feet up in the air
  • OK to bring observers (non-flyers) for $39 each
  • Awesome views of West Maui Mountains, Lanai & Molokai islands
  • OK for parties of up to 8 participants!
  • Early birds enjoy EXTRA SAVINGS!  Choose the 8 AM time slot and save some extra $$!!


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Days & Hours

Meet at Kaanapali Beach, in front of Leilani's Restaurant located at the Whaler's Village Shops.
Tours depart hourly starting at 9 am and last approximately 60 minutes. 
Check-in starts 30 minutes prior to departure time.

***This is a seasonal activity available from May 16th through December 15th every year (not available during whale season). Those visiting the Big Island or Oahu between December and May should visit our Ohana Fun! Hawaii Website and book their Big Island Parasailing or Oahu Parasailing tours. 

Duration: 60 minutes (boat ride and flight)

Location & Directions

Location: Whaler's Village, Kaanapali, Lahaina, HI 96761

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Activity Details
Choose from 800 or 1,200 feet heights. The longer the line, the longer the flight will be. You can fly single or tandem, or even triple if the combined weights permit.  The more people that fly together, the longer the flight will be. It's fun for everyone. UFO is the only company on Maui that will take kids as young as 3 years old, so it's a great opportunity for a unforgettable activity for the entire family! Anyone in your group who just won't fly, no way, no how? No problem! You can have them come in as "observers" so they won't miss out on watching those tho dared to fly high up in the sky!!
Additional Information
Other important information you should know about your parasailing adventure:

  • Prices are per person whether flying alone, tandem, or triple. The minimum weight to fly alone is 130 pounds. Maximum weight for tandems and triples is 450 pounds. Tandems and triples get more time in the air!
  • All minors under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign consent forms at check-in for this activity.
  • A digital package is offered on board. The digital camera is 12 mega pixels utilizing a 300mm zoom lens, with approximately 25 photos. That service is $30 and you are given the SD card to take with you for development.
  • UFO Parasailing features dry take-off and landings, however you may get dipped and get your feet wet by your request only. Dipping is at the sole discretion of captain for safety, and it's based on wind and sea conditions. The 1200 and 800 feet rides do include an optional simulated free fall where the boat speed is decreased so the participant can experience a parachute descent similar to jumping from a plane but stops short of contact with the water.
  • Parasail takeoffs and landings are hydraulically controlled from the back of the boat, so there will be NO running down the beach!  It's a safe ride for everyone!!

Flight heights / Time in the air:

800 Feet
  • Single = 8 minutes
  • Double or Triple = 10 minutes
1,200 Feet
  • Single = 8 minutes
  • Double & Triple = 10 minutes

Early Bird rates available at the 8 am or 9 am flights only (whichever is the first flight of the day). Those who select the Early Bird Rate will be automatically scheduled for the FIRST TOUR OF THE DAY (8 am or 9 am) even if a different time is selected on their order.

Parking is available for a FEE at the Whaler's Village Shops. Partial validation available at several shops and restaurants inside the Village, so you may want to bring your parking ticket in the event you make a purchase at one of the establishments offering parking validation.
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